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Anping County, Hebei Province Chengke wire mesh Equipment Co., Ltd., sales of more than just products, services is our important concept, we first think of every step of the customer, our R & D team, technical production team, the leadership team are the station Focus on the market in the customer's position to research, design, production equipment. Your needs are the driving force behind our efforts to provide the highest quality wire mesh equipment and services.

My company has a sound service system, from the customer needs to collect, pre-sale technical advice, the sale of installation and commissioning, after-sale maintenance. This set of service system only for your smile!

First, the pre-sale service: factory layout design, technical advice, feasibility studies, cost and return on investment analysis;
Company service team to user needs as a starting point, carefully study the user needs free technical advice, selection. In accordance with the customer's individual needs of the product, the individual components, special properties to modify the design, each of our products are based on customer needs, tailored from the customer's plant layout is scientific, the production process is rigorous, equipment Placed in place, the product's future market prospects are all for the sake of customers. Thus the pattern of the specific circumstances of customers, tailor-made for customers a set of solutions.

Second, sales and service: installation and commissioning, operator training, electrical and technical training;

1. Equipment guide installation and commissioning: coordinate and guide the user to coordinate the layout of the equipment according to the actual situation, arrange the overall planning of the installation site reasonably, assign the technical staff to guide the equipment installation, operation, ancillary facilities production, repair and maintenance services, and provide the user Provide relevant questions and answers;

2. Operation, maintenance personnel training: The company can provide free operation and maintenance personnel training according to user requirements;
Installation and debugging on-site training: When companies install debugging equipment for users, users can send people to participate. Through the installation of commissioning personnel on-site guidance, training, operation, maintenance personnel master essentials, to meet production needs.

Third, after-sales service: spare parts supply and provide after-sales service.

1. Parts and Accessories Supply: For each customer to create a detailed file to provide long-term supply of spare parts (only charge a fee), and according to user requirements at the fastest speed to the user's hands;
2. Sudden emergency repair services: equipment in the event of failure of users unable to rule out, the company will be required by the user to send staff to the scene as soon as possible, in time for the user troubleshooting to resume production;
3. Equipment from the installation and commissioning of qualified, the whole year warranty, including: host, distribution cabinet, speed motor, reducer, welding transformer.


The company will keep pace with the times, forge ahead, and constantly develop new technologies and new products, and actively improve the customer feedback through practical problems, and constantly improve the quality of products and services, improve the existing product structure, performance and quality to meet User's needs.
The company will be a serious and responsible attitude to provide users with high-quality after-sales service, to fight for the production of the user to provide a strong guarantee.

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